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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser a Palmolive that is tough on grease soft on hands. All opinions are mine alone. #Palmolive25ways #CollectiveBias

Lately I’ve becoming somewhat obsessed with DIY Sugar Scrubs! In fact, I have an entire pinboard dedicated to them called Scrub-a-Dub Dub after making several of them I realized that they are super easy and inexpensive to make–if you use the “secret ingredient” many of the recipes call for. I’ll give you a hint–it’s one of the many uses of dish soap!

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This makeup tips summer beauty shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias #WalgreensBeauty

Can you believe that it’s mid August already?! Here in Texas summer is just really kicking off with the temperatures climbing up-up-up and they’ll continue that way until October! With the mix-mash between scramble and lazy that only the last few weeks before school and regular routine once more brings; these days I’ve been relying on my favorite makeup tips, tricks, and products for a look that’s as fun and effortless as sleeping in late after staying up till the wee hours of the morning watching Sherlock Season 3 on Netflix (which I may or may not have just done…..favorite tv show ever!!)

You know me–I can’t keep how to be beautiful to myself, I want you all to embrace and enhance your natural beauty as well!

Effortless {Late} Summer Beauty Tutorial

The best part about all these products? You can get them ALL at Walgreens–and get a designer makeup look for a whole lot less!

Even better? Right now they’re running a special Gift With Purchase offer which runs between 6/29 – 8/30 and allows consumers to get a coupon by texting a code or visiting here for a FREE travel-size make-up brush set, their gift with any $20 beauty and personal care purchase (excluding baby category).

Step 1 — Protect Your Skin 

It’s 2014 and thankfully these days it’s not only pretty to be pale–it’s also super smart! I was always confused why throughout the ages skin tone has been SO incredibly important. To me it’s as senseless to try to darken your skin as it would be for our darker complected counterparts to try to lighten theirs. Now we know that it’s not only silly–it’s also dangerous. After talking with yet another friend my age who has dealt with skin cancer I’ve become vigilant about using sunscreen each day! These days the options have become quite diverse and sophisticated–just check out all the different options that Walgreens stocks!

My favorite is the Hawaiian Tropic Line–their products combine moisturizer with sunscreen and they work perfectly for even my combination and prone to break out face! Lately I’ve been loving Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Sunscreen Lotion which leaves just a subtle shimmer after you use it.

Step 2 — Cover It Up

Now that your skin is protected it’s time to even it out! You know that I swear by a great base, and in the summer BB Creme does just the trick! Light and melt proof it glides on effortlessly. After you’ve finished applying it follow up with concealer–I’m obsessed with Rimmel Match Perfection–it really does match your skin tone and for any effortless look I use it to double as primer for my eye product!

Step 3 — Make Those Eyes Shine!

Now it’s time to highlight your eyes! First, curl your lashes. Next take the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Stick in Paranoid Purple and line your upper and lower lids.

Makeup Tip: If you apply eye liner in short strokes you’ll get a straighter, closer line

Next take a blunt brush and blend until smokey and swipe on one layer of waterproof mascara.

Step 4 — Add Some Sun Kiss to your look! 

While I’m not a fan of “fake bake” products using bronzer is a great way to really bring depth and life to your summer look! Get just a tiny bit on the end of a fluffy brush–a little goes a long way, especially for a natural beauty look. Take your brush and sweep it in a t motion across your forehead, down your nose, and on the tip of your chin. Next make a “duck face” (only time you’re allowed to do this!) and swipe it lightly down the diagonal line you see form.

Step 5 — Polish it up!

For the final step you’ll be using Mark Hill Gorgeous! Fabulous Finish Hairspray this great product lifts hair up and keeps it from frizzing or falling flat without being sticky or having a super heavy hold. Here is another awesome use for it I bet you’ve never thought of!


Step 6 — Wrap it up!

Don’t forget to protect those arms and legs of yours which are sure to be bare during the summer as well. For my limbs I love using Banana Boat spray sunscreen. It makes it easy to cover large areas at once and also is perfect for touch ups for your face throughout the day!

Ta Da!!! Now go on and bring out that natural beauty I know you all have!

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So, I may or may not have a problem. I’ll let you be the judge. Lately I have been into purple–I mean really into purple. As in I currently have dark purple hair-if that’s not love for a color I don’t know what is. So when I found out that Radiant Orchid was going to be one of THE “it” colors for 2014 my little heart did happy dances!

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I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser as a way to share great Makeup Looks with you! #BeautyInspiration  #CollectiveBias

Two 5 Minute Make Up Looks for Under $30 #BeautyInspiration #shop

If you’re a frequent reader (if you’re not already I hope you’ll become one!) you know that I am a SUPER busy gal! That means that while I love to look and feel my best I don’t have very much time each day to fit it in. The good new is that putting on a cute outfit takes the exact same amount of time as a frumpy one does, and fun makeup looks don’t have to take all morning or be boring! In fact, bold, fun looks are often much quicker and easier than achieving a “no makeup-makeup” look is, because you just need a few key items that attract all the attention and you downplay the rest! Don’t believe the looks above took me 5 minutes from start to finish? I thought you might say that–so behold the proof! I timed doing my “Bold Lip” make up look on a regular morning and it took me just 4 minutes and 50 seconds–a whopping 10 seconds to spare to add one additional tweak if needed.

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I wrote this blog post as part of a movement by Weight Watchers to encourage people to remember that loving yourself starts with taking care of your health everyday. Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own. #lovehealthyme

10 Painless Life Hacks for a Healthier, Happier You #lovehealthyme

At 28 years old, with 2 kids, I’m 134 pounds and 5’5″. (yepp–getting real here folks!) This means that I’m smack dab in the middle of “healthy” on the BMI chart and couldn’t be considered overweight (well–if we’re talking real people wise, not Hollywood, airbrushed size 0 model-wise). So I know that sometimes when I talk about losing weight, being careful about what I eat, or needing to exercise I get some funny reactions.

But the truth is, even though I might be “just right” when it comes to by the book, I know that there are many areas in my life that need improvement when it comes to making healthy choices and getting to the weight and size that are most comfortable and beneficial for me–and I’m not there yet! Also I learned the hard way as a newlywed that a “few” poor choices here and there can escalate quickly and result in weight gain that will take years to get rid of. So I’ve determined to be intentional from now on about my lifestyle and my eating habits to take the initiative and help myself stay healthy throughout the rest of my life! Because when I eat well, exercise, and reach my goals, it not only makes me healthier, I find I’m a lot less stressed, tired, and a lot happier too!

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How to Fall In Love with Dressing Up as an adult

Legalese Nonsense: I was provided with a pair of knee highs and tights from Kushyfoot to help bring you this blog post, all stylish outfits, tips, and smiles are my own!

Amber’s at that stage right now where if she gets the choice of what to wear she’ll pick a frilliest dress up or church dress she can find and beg me to wear it. I remember when I was like that too, delighting in dressing up and playing with makeup and wearing dresses to school and play! Somewhere throughout the years, however, dressing up came to be associated with church and work and seen as something that was a bit of a bother and uncomfortable. Soon I came to do what the majority of the “off of work” crew in America does and began to live in jeans and a t-shirt.

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I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. #ThisisStyle #cbias
How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop

How to wear it: Printed Denim

As a work from home mom of two I have to admit that I’ve been tempted at times to fall into a pattern of yoga pants and ratty t-shirts. However I remind myself that when I look great, I feel great, and that’s just a win-win for everyone in my life-even if that means the only ones benefiting from my style that day are my two kids and hubby!

Thankfully these days staying on top of the latest trends is not only easy, it can also be affordable! I’ve loved pouring over my favorite fashion blogs the last few months and seeing how other “real” people just like me are taking runway fashion and turning it into jaw-dropping every day style. Some of my favorite bloggers and friends, like Jillian from Mommy Testers, have been recently featured on the searsStyle blog, where they give inspiration on how to get the Look for Less on all the hottest fashion trends!

How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop

2013 had a bunch of amazing trends that I was absolutely in love with – from black on black, to military styled jackets, to leather and metallics, the 2013 fashion trends were all right up my alley! One trend I was especially excited about, however, was the printed denim trend!

Let’s be honest, although I do make sure to dress nicely each day, I pretty much *live* in denim. As a work from home mom in East Texas–that’s ok! It can get a little boring, however, so throwing a little print into the mix is the perfect way to shake things up and kick my outfit into high gear while still being totally appropriate for everything from play dates to dinner dates with hubby!

How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop

Get the Look: Printed Denim for Winter

Since I do live in the real world with a real clothing budget, it’s important for me to find pieces that with transition easily from season to season. So when I decided to hop into the printed denim trend I wanted a look that would easily work for winter, but that I could also wear in Spring–which in East Texas really isn’t all that far away!

For my winter look I paired the following items:

  • Military Inspired Jacket in Black – I love that the zippers add extra interest and that it’s fitted to show off my shape
  • Drap Neck Blouse in Hibiscus//Covington//Sears - break up a dark winter outfit by adding in a pop of color with layering
  • Jeans//Almost Famous//Sears – The delicate floral pattern on these jeans adds a bit of feminine whimsy to balance out the bold and harder elements
  • Zip Up Leather Boots in Black – finish the look and bring in the leather trend and mimic the zippers in the jacket.

How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop

Get the Look: Printed Denim for Spring

My look for Spring? Couldn’t be an easier transition–simply ditch the jacket!

How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop

I fell in  love with this blouse from Covington. The interesting draping on top is so beautiful by itself that I don’t need to wear a necklace with it, so I stuck with some dangling earrings.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to fashion is to have only one item on your body that is tight or fitted–so if you’re going to for skinny jeans then you need a loose, flowing top! This one was perfect for the job–accentuating my curves where I wanted it to, and not hugging them where I didn’t (all moms know what I’m talking about!!). The color was so unique and perfectly flattered my skin tone. Don’t be afraid of bold colors–they’re actually very flattering if you can find them in the right shade. Pick a lipstick in a complementing shade for a look that wows!

How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop

The only thing I love more than my two new pieces is the price I paid for them–both were on sale and then at the register the cashier scanned a coupon she had because I’m a Shop Your Way Member that gave me an additional 15% off! That brought my entire total to under $40 and gave my points I can use for future purchases that will also help to lower my costs-awesome right?!

Anyone can rock printed denim–you just have to know what to pair it with! Leave me a comment letting me know what Spring Fashion Trend you can’t wait  to try out!

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Great Hair for the New Year - Herbal Essences Naked Collection

Legalese Nonsense:The products and information have been provided by Herbal Essences but all stylish selfies, lovely locks, and picky opinions are-as ever-my own!

It’s a new year and as you know I’ve been embracing it fully so far through my one word of Bless. You also know that I kicked off my “blessing” act a little early when I donated my hair to Locks of Love in November. Ever since then I’ve been trying to find a new hair care line that would be a great fit for my “new ‘do”.

Herbal Essence new Naked Collection promises to restores hair’s natural body using zero heavy residues, dyes, and parabens and the scent of grapefruit and mint was one that sounded light and refreshing. I thought it might be just what my new short locks needed, so I gladly gave all the products in the line a try-the Naked Volume shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, and souffle.

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Christmas Gift Guide Gift Ideas For the Person Who Already Owns Everything

Legalese Nonsense: Since Amber is currently loving all things gloss & sparkles I knew that YOYO Lipglosses would be a perfect fit for me! All Santa hats, sparklingly pictures, and cute daughters are my own.

Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Girls YoYo Lipgloss

Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Girls – YOYO Lipgloss

Hopefully by now you have a pretty good idea for your main gifts, but it seems like no matter how prepared I am I always need just a few more things to fill up the stockings! When I came across these darling rhinestone YoYo Lipgloss from Justice I knew that they’d be the perfect thing for Amber this year!

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Hot Holiday Look - 40s Silver Screen Siren Beauty Tutorial

It’s no secret that I looooove makeup! So when I was approached by Conde Nast to see if I’d like to try out a whole bunch of Mary Kay Makeup in exchange for re-creating a hot holiday look with my own twist, well let’s just say I was dancing around the Christmas tree full of joy and glee! (no, I’m not exaggerating, just ask my Mom-in-Law!!) I’ve used and loved Mary Kay over the years, and I remember my mom always using their foundation the entire time I was growing up.

The look I was selected to recreate was the Silver Screen Siren–the classic beauties from the 40s era! I was sooo excited because this is one of my favorite eras, so I was tickled to get to re-create it! I knew it would be the perfect look for going to the Nutcracker with Amber and Diane. There is an awesome production of it here in Tyler with accompaniment of a live Orchestra & the main dancers are flown in from the New York Ballet Company. Although I went to The Nutcracker nearly every year growing up (and was in it once!) this year was the very first time either of them had been, so we all got “dressed to the nines” to celebrate!

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