I have a confession to make….

While I really *do* feel that being good stewards of our planet is important….and while I’m normally *not* a lazy person there is one thing that I find super hard to do…

and that’s recycle. You see–as long as it’s easy I’m on top of it! In NC we had 2 big bins right next to the other garbage dumpster where we could put our recyclables into and since it was easy I did it. When we moved here there wasn’t any easy set up, however, and while I would have a fleeting “oh this should probably be recycled” thought as I chucked paper and plastic bottles into the trash the effort of NOT chucking it right then and there made it no more than a fleeting thought.

So when I got the chance to review the Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler I jumped on it! I thought it was just the nudge I needed to get me in the right direction again–and while I still need to figure out where I need to bring the things I’m saving to recycle–as you can see from my full container I *have* been doing it!

This is so super easy to instal and use–and it doesn’t even take up much room in the cabinet itself–just genius! It’s a 5 gallon bag that can holds up to 36 12-ounce cans and can fit a milk jug. I have used ours for all the scrap paper and junk mail we get–it has fit several weeks worth!

Connect with Rubbermaid on Twitter @Rubbermaid, their Adventures in Organization Blog, or Visit FaceBook page

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