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I have so enjoyed hosting STT the past few months and I thank all of you who were a regular part of it! As I have just taken on a new work from home job I’m having to cut back on my blog a little, so will no longer be a host. I hope that you’ll keep up with me, and I’ll be sure to hop by your blogs and give you a thumbs up from time to time as well!
Stumble Tumble Tuesday

Welcome to Stumble Tumble Tuesday hosted by Acting Balanced, Sunshine and Sippy Cups and Wyoming Girl Turned Coastie Wife! The goal of this hop is to use Stumble Upon to help you promote your blog posts and get more traffic.

Even if you think you are stumbling correctly, please read this post on how to check and see if your stumble was successful. Some stumbles aren’t showing up, thanks!

To take part is simple.

  1. Add a link to a blog post that you would like people to stumble to the linky below. It *must* be a link to an actual post and NOT your main site. Please do not list giveaways.
  2. Stumble as many other posts as you care to, check to make sure that your stumble went through by clicking on the “Info” icon. Then leave a comment on their post saying, “I stumbled you, my post is _____(add link)”. The great thing about Stumble Upon is that it is fast and easy to do with the Stumble Upon toolbar. PLEASE DO NOT ADD YOUR LINK IF YOU AREN’T GOING TO STUMBLE ANY POSTS.

Important: If you are the first person to Stumble a post, please take a minute and fill out the Stumble Upon review page. This is a one shot deal so if you don’t fill it out, that particular post will never get the same opportunity again.

Feel free to post about Stumble Tumble Tuesday on your blog and help us spread the word.
Have fun with it and let’s discover and stumble some posts!

The first person to “like” a post on StumbleUpon assigns it a category. If your post has not been discovered yet, please leave the category you would like, in your link to help the discoverer assign it correctly. Example: Strawberry Shortcake Recipe (food)

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