I just love that I have my own little carbon copy of myself walking around Amber. I see myself in her crazy outgoing personality, in her constant jabber, wild imagination, and love of books.

I can also see traits reflected that aren’t quite so easily bragged about. For example her ridiculous bossiness early emerging leadership qualities, and completely clutziness gracefulness challenged ways are definitely from me as well! It seems like she’s constantly spilling, dropping, or bumping into things. It made me laugh so hard the other day when I knocked something and it went flying and spilled everywhere and she told me, “Mommy! It’s not good to spill  things, we need to be very, very careful.” Yeah, I never really outgrew my graceful challenged ways either, haha!

Since we have a family full of grace challenged people our seats usually take a beating because of it-especially Amber’s chair. Until now that’s not been a huge problem, but with our income tax we not only got a new couch & loveseat but we have a new dining set that’s being delivered this weekend. Yippees!!!! One of the first things that hubby said when we bought it was “We *have* to get chair covers so that Amber’s doesn’t wreck these!”

Lucky for him I have connections–and have found the perfect cover for us!

The SmartSeat Chair Protector is a super nice, super easy to use chair cover that’s perfect for us–and any other family blessed with kiddos or less than ballerina graceful members. You can see that it looks really nice on our chairs, and it comes in a variety of colors. Plus it’s machine washable, now when we get sauce, milk, playdough, and craft stuff ground into the chair I can just un-velcro it and throw it in the washing machine–super nice!

Now I can help focus on encouraging Amber’s great qualities and not getting too hung up on messes and spills.

Be sure to enter for your chance to win 2 of these great covers for yourself–and a nifty invention that helps with bottle feeding too!

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