To Do List:

  • Get Healthy
    • Exercise and eat right consistently to lose weight (22 lbs), gain energy, and get toned
    • Get out of the house more often and play outside so the kids can get fresh air and exercise as well
  • Get “on fire” for God
    • Strengthen spiritual walk w/ the Lord by daily prayer, Bible reading, and writing devotions
    • Be more generous and giving, look for opportunities to reach out and help others
    • Trust God for the strength needed during the hard times ahead and lean heavily on Him
  • Get Organized
    • Finally follow the “fly lady” cleaning plan to keep up w/ the “deep cleaning”
    • Catch up with email and stay caught up
    • Do finances daily
    • Order and put away pictures into albums
    • Catch up on reviews & giveaways and don’t take on more than I can handle
    • Come up w/ and keep a schedule to organize family time, work time, play time, and God time each day
  • Be creative
    • Write at least one article, review, devotion, or ramble daily
    • Find time for reading, scrapbooking, and other “me” things
    • Find story time, Mops, or some other play group to get Amber involved in crafts & me some grown up time
    • Do more crafts, sensory activities, and hands on learning projects w/ Amber at home
  • Be thankful
    • Enjoy the time with friends and family to the fullest-focus only on the good and not the bad in every situation
    • Spend as much time with family and friends as possible
    • Enjoy every moment you get with hubby
    • Take time to keep up with everyone while you’re away from them
  • Breathe Deep
    • You can do this!!!!!!
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