It’s time for another great blog tour hosted by Living My Moment and The Work At Home Woman!
I *almost* didn’t post this. Why you ask? Well, first off the last day is tomorrow so I’m getting this in by the skin of my teeth (what a weird expression anyways…skin on teeth?? That’s really gross….who ever said that anyways…but I digress)
The second reason is that although I’m not sending my kids back to school this year they have definitely been keeping me BUSY and INSANE!!!! Why is that?
Well it all started when we Moved To Boston when I was 7 months pregnant.
That was followed by Adventures in Potty Training
Then my little man had his Grand Arrival in which I almost didn’t make it in time to have him at the hospital
Follow that by my daughter’s ER Admission & Hospital Stay last week…
which was closely followed by my 6 week old baby’s ER Visit a few days ago…
But anyways, what better way to release some of the craziness & stress by blogging, new followers, comments, and winning prizes right?! So here I am. :) Here’s the school year being fun and uneventful and me staying very far away from hospitals!
And thank you for visiting and listening to me rant :)
Be sure to check out the rest of the blogs on the tour here for some great posts and a chance to win some goodies!!
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