I have always loved sour tart things! As a baby my parents used to give me lemon slices to eat at restaurants and everyone thought they were crazy but I loved them! Haha. It’s never changed and things like sour patch kids and tart lemonade have always been favorites of mine to this day.
When I heard about Cheribundi and its tart cherry juices I knew I wanted to try them! I was sent 3 different kinds, Original, “Skinny” and one with weigh protein. Bob grabbed the weigh protein one and chugged it before I could tell him to expect a kick–Hahaha!!!!! He let out a yell and started sputtering. It was so funny! Needless to say he’s not a sour person like I am. Hehe! It was really funny though!
I was really happy that he wasn’t a fan though because I drank all 4 juices in 2 days! The stuff is seriously soooo good and I’ve been craving more since I finished them off. The original was definitely my favorite and I’m going to be on the lookout for more to buy!!! Plus I don’t have to feel guilty about drinking a ton of it because it’s 100% juice and the only sweetner in it is concentrated apple juice! The little containers pack in between 30-50 cherries each so you know you’re getting a super duper helping of anti-oxidants and all the other great health benefits cherries bring!
So if you’re a fan of tart drinks with a kick you should definitely give this a try! A great big thanks to the company for sending me the samples to try!!! :D
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