Bob and I have often talked about getting our own home brewer, but with so many options out there we weren’t  sure which one to pick.
Luckily, Tassimo made it easy when they sent us their awesome complimentary Kraft Food’s proprietary Home Brewing System to review!
In addition to the sleek looking machine, we were sent several beverages to try out. I was so excited when I found out that Tassimo isn’t just a coffee brewer. Two of the packages we were sent were Chai tea and hot chocolate.
I tried out the hot chocolate right away! It was rich and creamy, tons better than the powdered stuff!
 Bob zeroed in on the coffee, and was super excited to see brands like Starbucks and Gevalia. He’s been having a cup each morning before work. The Tassimo system is great because it makes single cup servings, which works out perfectly because each person can have exactly what they want with no waste!
The machine is super easy to use too! Just pop in a T-dics, press a button, and in about 60 seconds you have a delicious personalized drink! There is virtually no clean up!
The system is very reasonably priced when compared with other models, and if you think about all the money you’ll save stopping at Starbucks each day, it’ll soon pay for itself!
We are in love with our machine, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone!
To find out more be sure to check out their website!
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