Things I wish I’d done in 2009
* Read the Bible, prayed, and meditated on God’s goodness every day
* Worked out 5 times a week
* Handled situations more graciously
* Called my grandparents
* Sent out encouraging notes
* Played with Amber outside more
* Not stress out on Bob about money
Things I did do in 2009
* Got more consistent in my devotions, though I’ve been slacking again and have a looong way to go
* Did workout to my DVDs…at least 5 times, (LoL)
* Fit into my skinny-skinny pants and got down to the skinniest since I got married (woo hoo!!!!)
* Grew and matured through many situations
* Learned to be thankful and happy as a military spouse even if that means not living in Wyoming
* Got pregnant :)
* Read Amber lots of books
* Gave myself permission for loads of “me” time
Things I want to do in 2010
* Have a healthy, happy pregnancy ending in a healthy, happy baby
* Really focus on setting a daily devotion time
* Be content and happy with where ever we move
* Catch back up on my personal scrapbooking
And as always…
* Continue to grow and learn and mature
* To become the best Christian, the best wife, the best mother, and the best friend I can possibly be!!!
***Happy New Years!***
(I “blog-lifted” this idea from Roe of Scrap Girls :) )
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5 Responses to Looking back

  • Hey…wanted to pass this tidbit along to make you feel better :P Our bowflex workout guide says it isn’t healthy to workout everyday, but 3 times a week or everyother day. If we had to workout every day, I’d be doomed! Happy 2010!!

  • Love these reflections! Wishing you the best in 2010…

  • except for the prego part, I could have sworn you copied what I was thinking!!! LOL :O
    We’ll have to be accountability partners for each other. :D
    Heather-good to know, now I don’t have to kick myself in the butt for not doing it every day!! lol :)
    Happy New Year!!

  • What a great list of goals. I want to focus more on a set devotional time this year….it is so easy for me to miss my time with the Lord if I’m not really intentional about it.

    Congrats on the new baby!!! So exciting!

  • I just love reading your posts!

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