So, I totally shouldn’t be telling you all about this but it’s so awesome I can’t help it! I found out over at My Litter of Six about a free photo gift and it’s really truely free, no shipping or anything!!!
I definitely took advantage of this great offer! Which is ironic, I know, because of my Artistic Albums By Nicole business. But I can’t get stuff printed out for free! I only ordered 50 as I don’t think I’ll be sending out 100 so I just used the code found on Freebies 4 Mom.
As someone who uses Photoshop and designs professionally I found their editor infuriating and limiting. I did come up with a really cute design though and free is free! My friend Katie over at A Listmaker’s Life also came up with the great idea of creating a design in your own editor and dragging and dropping it onto a plain template.
So, as I said….totally shouldn’t be telling you about this as I should be telling you to use me to design for you….but I love you all and wanted to let you know! :)
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One Response to Because I’m Just That NICE!

  • I read about this deal on a blog yesterday and sent my designs in today. I too thought it was an incredibly frustrating site to navigate, but was thrilled with free. I actually designed my own card in my digital scrapbook program and dropped it, just as I wanted it to look, into one of their plainer premade designs. I like the way it turned out. We will see what it looks like when it’s done.

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